Show Me the Money

I received an email yesterday concerning my proxy list.  At this point I’m not sure if it’s a scam or if it’s legit, but here it is anyway…

Dear Sir

I was looking for information to build a better proxy list when I came across your website. The features you describe match the specifications of my soon-to-be-built project. Since there’s no point in re-inventing the wheel, I was wondering if you might be interested in selling your script/code? 

Interesting.  Right now I’m leaning towards “scam”.

Everybody’s trying to steal my act!  Or, in this case, buy  it.

(BTW, you wouldn’t believe the explosion of “Hinky Dinks” since I first started this schtick on the UT99 servers back in 2003… Google it sometime… in 2003 there was one “Hinky Dink” image on Google image search… now there Hinky Dinks everywhere and 18 pages of images, including this clown.  Beware of imitations!)

Of course, nothing is for sale here and considering the amount of documentation I plan on putting online (which can’t exceed 100 megabytes according to Google), anyone with half a lick of programming savvy and a $4 per month hosting site can do the same thing.  It’s that lame.

The trick, the finesse, the prestige, the single most important thing that makes it all possible, is the database, and it took three months of automated list raiding and ad hoc Google scouring to get the database where it is today, with nearly a quarter of a million unique address:port combinations filling its tables. (1.8 million as of 05/2009)

It’s not the “code”.

Anybody can tickle a port with nmap or request a proxy judge page with wget or curlAnybody.  The issue is keeping track of all the BAD information so that you don’t waste time tickling a dead port you tickled a thousand times before or requesting a proxy judge page from an IP address that went dark or changed hands years before the dot-bomb era.

The database is 99.90772% JUNK.  If it weren’t for the junk, this project would be impossible.

That is the secret. 

And it’s not for sale.


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