Settled In

And here we are.  What an incredible pain it was moving all those pages here.  It took well over three hours to cut, paste, and re-date all that old crap.

But the result was worthwhile.  Unfortunately, this place has just as many infuriating idiosyncracies as BlogSpot and Google Pages.

One thing I noticed straight off was the lack of colors.   If you want to go changing font colors willy nilly you have to work at it.  It’s a good thing, though.  People get carried away and make their sites look like crap.  I suppose I can live with that.

I am slightly wanked that I can’t capitalize the titles the way I want.  This e.e. cumstains crap is for the birds.  If I want to shout, I’ll SHOUT.

And linebreaks!  How the Hell can I get a double linebreak around here?  That was bad enough on BlogSpot but I eventually got around it with a few well-placed <br>’s – which would always disappear if you toggled between html and WYSISWG mode.  The trick was not toggling.  No such trick here.  The editor throws your <br>’s in the bit bucket.

And if you have Internet Explorer 8, get out of town.  The editor jumps all over Hell.  Chrome seems to be the only way to fly.

Now I have the task of going back over everything and adding tags.  Not sure if I want to tackle that one quite yet.  

Anyway, we’re here.


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