Pushing 1.8M

Since I started tracking URLs, the Google Hack has been much more productive, mostly because it’s faster now.

In all I have collected over 5,000 URLs since I started.  Of these, about 200 are top-level links.  I have just begun to pull these out at regular intervals to re-scan.  So far that has been very productive.

You may or may not have noticed Google Page Creator (this site) is going down soon.  Google has graciously decided to force me into a Google Sites redirect.  Hopefully Google will notice I already have a Google Site (http://www.mrhinkydink.net) and they will put it all there.  Are you listening, Google?

However I have found over the years that when you expect someone to do the “smart thing” you are always sadly disappointed.  With that in mind, I’m keeping a backup.  But without the WYSIWYG editor it’s doubtfull I’ll be able to keep the project journal updated.

I’m keeping my options open.  I’m not entirely impressed with Google Sites.  In fact, it sucks.  As an option I have reserved a spot at WordPress but I’ve done nothing with it so far.

But be advised the next time you come here it may be someplace else.


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