SOCKS Revisited

I have been threatening for months to resurrect the SOCKS code and I finally did it today.

I had to find it first.  The last time I was hacking around with it, I was doing all the coding on an old Ubuntu 6.06 VM, which apparently I lost track of.

I finally found it, moved the code over to the new Xubu 9.04 VM, installedAnjuta, and recompiled it.  It still works.  And it’s still ugly.

Right know it’s looking at all the port 1080 proxies gathered in the past two weeks, just over 4,000 addresses.  And, as usual, I’m getting about a 0.001% success rate.

None of them are very usable.  In fact, the second one I tested gave me an X-Forwarded-For: header.

WTF?  SOCKS proxies shouldn’t do that.  Period.  Is this some new trick?  That sucks.

The others have just been slow as fuck.

Anyway, I’m looking into it again.


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