Xubu 9.04 ROCKS

After writing that diatribe yesterday I installed a 9.04 VM to test it out.

Very nice.  But VNC4 is still broken after… what… three years?

It’s OK, though.  I’ve pretty much learned to live without it.

It took two attempts.  I keep trying to make a VM with JFS (IBM’s Journaling File System) but I’ve never been able to make that happen on a virtual machine.  VMware just doesn’t like JFS for some reason.  Installation went to 53% and the VM choked.  Just DIED.

It was ugly.  I had to reboot the host in order to kill the VM.

Second time through I bit the bullet and used ext3 instead.

It ran slicker’n shit.

I was so impressed I upgraded my Mythbuntu box to 9.04 and I’m halfway there on upgrading the proxy project platform’s VM.

Using snapshots judiciously, of course.

I was contemplating using the first 9.04 VM as the platform but I really didn’t want to go through that migration shit all over again.  Hence, the upgrade.  I’m doing it in two steps, 8.04 to 8.10, then 8.10 to 9.04.  It worked fine on the MythTV box doing it that way.  The biggest issue is all the Ubuntu servers have been getting hammered ever since 9.04 came out last week.

We’ll be down three or four hours today while the upgrade churns.


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