9.04 Up & Running!

That took a little more time than I thought it would but it was worth the wait.

Catching up on the hourly runs right now.  The next page update will be at noon EST.

I came down with a bad case of “Upgrade Fever” and did a couple of other VMs concurrently.  I have an ESXi server at work that I tunnel into over ssh.  That had an Ubuntu 8.10 VM on it, so I upgraded that.

I also have VMware Player on my laptop, with an 8.04 Ubuntu VM.  That one glitched on the 8.10 upgrade.  It came up without a keyboard or mouse.  Not very useful that way.  But I ssh’d into it and twiddled the xorg.conf file.  For some reason the upgrade commented out the keyboard & mouse section!

I was lucky I was able to ssh into it because the old 8.04 image always booted with networking screwed up, but apparently 8.10 took care of that problem.  That upgrade has a way to go yet and I might just wipe and copy over the 9.04 test VM I installed yesterday.

Anyway, Hinky’s back in business.


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