Xubu 8.04 SUCKS

Don’t get me wrong.  The Xubuntu 8.04 VM platform I built for the proxy project is running just fine.  The scripts, the database, all run smooth as silk.

But as a desktop platform, it’s a complete wash.  

Epic FAIL/

There is simply zero performance.  This has been a real disappointment, but, like I said, everything else runs fine if you don’t mind doing all your dirty work in a Bash shell (which I don’t).

I’ve done some research in the Ubuntu forums and I know I’m not alone in this.  The other poor schmucks who are facing this issue are getting the same old tired advice from the Linux “experts” that they’ve been using for the last fifteen years: “Well, you must have done something wrong.”

That doesn’t cut it anymore.  Guys, it’s possible your beloved OS could have flaws (personally, I think it’s a Gnome problem).

Anyway, as I type this I have installed Ubuntu 9.04 in a VM on the same machine (with the crappy Xubu 8.04 VM running simultaneously) and it is a much better “user experience”.  If Xubu 9.04 comes out in a reasonable amount of time I may run the upgrade.  I took the wife’s (Pinky Dink) 6.04 system up to 8.04 with no problems at all.  I will  do a snapshot first!


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