Macau Mystery Part 2

As it happens, all those Macau proxies work (that is, all that I have checked so far), but the trick is they send you to another IP (


Who knows.

I think at this point I’d attribute it to a clueless (or devious) ISP.  Since they’re all transparent they don’t do much to hide your identity and given that they all go to the same IP, that address is likely to get blocked sooner or later by proxy-hostile sites.  As always, use with caution.

Work continues on the VM move.  The database has been moved over and I’m working on the scripts.  I ran into a side issue of the GeoIP scripts (hacks I threw together before I took time to learn the API – which is actually quite simple).  I need to clean that up, but at the moment it seems more trouble than it’s worth.  I want to get this thing in production before the database gets too stale.


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