1.5 Million

That was a bit of a long haul.  We first hit a million proxies last August, five months and a couple of weeks after the project started.  Now, five months later we added another half a million.

Obviously the rate of discovery has dropped by half.

This is not a big surprise considering that ~800,000 proxies were found in a single file back in July.

In other news, some clown with a residential DSL account in Sweden recently whined to my ISP that I was using his “Web server” as a proxy.

The extent of this “use” was checking the address with one of the public proxy judges I use.  This box had been an open proxy since last June.

If anyone needed to get in hot water with their ISP, it was that guy, not me.  The guy’s running an open proxy, for crying out loud!  I ran a Google check on the IP and found it listed at antichat.ru (it’s been off my list since the 25th – the asshole probably finally figured out how to use a firewall).

I would think he’d be more surprised to find out someone was using his open proxy as a Web server. 

I blackholed his IP so it will never get hit by a resurrection run again, but if you’re interested, here it is:

The proxy was on port 80.  The “Web site” is a joke.  Check this link and you’ll probably find your own IP address on the “offenders” list.


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