Just checking in. Things have been running swimmingly. No issues to speak of.

I have been running the proxy recheck script whenever the total number goes over 900. This generally reduces the size of the list by two thirds. The survivors are usually solid performers.

New proxies are popping up every day. I haven’t had to bother with the resurrection script in over a month. It’s always been boom or bust so I think I’ll save the resurrection script for the inevitable rainy days ahead.

I have been impressed lately with the quality of Korean proxies. They are very fast these days. Five years ago, the APAC (Asia/Pacific) countries had crappy bandwidth. Now, they’re among the best.

But as usual they’ll hang around for a few days and then die off, just like all the rest.

Right now I’m using a Vietnamese proxy. Excellent performer and it’s an October 2008 vintage, so it’s been up for quite some time. There are a few gems to be found in the last pages of the list and this is definitely one of them.

Watch out for Bulgarian (BG) proxies. They are speed freaks as well. Unfortunately “cybercrime” is hot in Bulgaria so as usual, excersize caution!


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