Crashes Solved?

The last few times the system has hung, I noticed a trend.  Each time, without fail, there was a pop-up balloon noting that the wireless network had reconnected (the system is on the wired network, but uses a “secure” ad hoc 802.11b “point-to-point” network to route the wired network to a wireless camera).

This wireless NIC had a Marvell-based chip.  I have several of these.  I hate them all because they are proprietary and don’t work worth a damn with Linux.  Apparently this is yet another reason to despise them.

I pulled it and replaced it with a RaLink RT61 based card.  If you want to run Linux wirelessly, RaLink is the only way to fly.  It’s been fully supported in the Linux kernel for a few years now and the drivers are in active development.  You never need to mess with that god-awful ndiswrapper abortion (don’t get me wrong, ndiswrapper is a very slick hack… it just shouldn’t exist).  Unfortunately, RaLink cards are hard to find.  I’ve been burned twice by “errors in photography” where the box or the online illustration clearly shows a RaLink chip on the card, but when you open the box the damned thing has a Marvell chip.

It’s been running all week without a hitch.  I’ll give it another week and if all goes well I’ll start un-doing my previous attempts at “fixing” the problem, especially that extra gigabyte of RAM I removed a few months back.

In other news, CoDeeN servers continue to disappear.  There are now only 34 active servers left in the database.


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