Re-hacking Scripts

Back before the Google Hack became my main modus operandi, I raided the more popular proxy lists.  I still raid the best ones every night at 4AM.  And they still have mostly crap, but I pick up 10-20 new proxies from them every night.

Today I woke up and the damned system had hung at 2:48AM (this is still driving me nuts).  So, I did a manual 4AM run.  In the process I discovered one of my scripts wasn’t working anymore.

It was one of those “dicey .ru domains” we all know and love.  These clowns use a simple Javascript hack to prevent casual screen-scraping.  Turns out they changed it, but not significantly.

So,  I re-hacked my hack, did a test run, and picked up a handful of proxies.  I have said this many times before and it remains a FACT: Javascript only makes it easier. 

There is one obfuscation technique I’ve never been able to hack around, and here, for the first time, it is revealed:


Luckily, only one of the Proxy List Boys uses it, and his list is useless.  Utter CRAP.  But it’s impossible to scrape with a shell script. 

At least for me.

If it ever catches on with the listers (and it won’t), it’ll put me out of business.


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