Tinyproxy FLOOD!

If you haven’t noticed (I didn’t until earlier this morning), proxies (specifically, tinyproxy.exe) spread by the Koobface virus are taking over!

TCP port 9090, signature port for the tinyproxy.exe, has risen to the number five slot for verified proxies (number ten if you look at all ~1.4M in the database).  It will take over port 3128 for the number four spot if Facebook users keep getting pwned at the present rate.

Personally, I don’t use them.  The reason for that is they’re all in US, GB, and CA domains, which I normally avoid (US because I live their, the others because of treaties, LEA cooperation, etc).  Almost without exception they’re botnet nodes and I’d rather not piss those people off either.

If you’re braver than I, give them a shot because they’re mostly DSL and cable accounts that are almost guaranteed to be fast.  Get ’em while you can because by next Patch Tuesday they’ll be in Microsoft’s “malicious software” gunsights, if they’re not already.


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