Incident: CLOSED

It turns out that was a form letter from the ISP.  They didn’t “perform a scan”.  They had a complaint.

They included five lines from a log.  The time zone was CET (Central European Time).  Each line was a GET request to one of my proxy judges.

This fellow is obviously running a proxy.  If I knew which one I’d stop checking it to get him off my case.  However, I can’t trace it since I don’t keep a history of re-checks.

The five log entrys are sequential, so I have to hope I have a backup close to the most recent entry (I probably do) if I want to get him off my back.

I suppose the best way to do that would be to complain to his ISP or host provider that he’s running an open proxy.


Until I can ferret him out I’m stopping all rescans.  The list may get a little stale.


I pulled the backup from the 22nd and queried for the right proxy judge at the right time and found nothing.  The closest I can get is a request six minutes earlier than the other log showed, but it’s the right country in the right timezone and the right proxy judge.

And I’ll be god damned if it isn’t a FUCKING CoDeeN server!  That is hilarious.  Here it is:  a.k.a.  planetlab2.olsztyn.rd.tp.pl

FUCK THEM!  Run a public proxy network and bitch and moan when people use it?  Get serious!  


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