codeen.txt Online

360+ CoDeeNs have been reclaimed and the file is on the server.  The page doesn’t reflect this at the moment and the servers are still in the Main List.  I plan to take them out of the list and keep them stashed away in the text file (updated and tested, of course).  The CoDeeN file will be updated every other hour, just like the Main List.  It’s randomized each time, so don’t depend on a hash to detect changes.  It’s a very static list, but some servers may drop in/out over time.

Speed, country of origin, and all the ancillary data is not in the text file.  That is not the point anway.

Remember, the main idea is using it with the >SwitchProxy tool for FireFox, but if you have other uses (like starting a proxy list with servers that actually work), then go for it.  Don’t do something silly like uploading the list to a proxy forum because they don’t generally like CoDeeN proxies (in fact they despise them) and the 312x ports are a dead giveaway.


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