Unintended Consequences

No big surprise there. 

The junk filter worked flawlessly.  However, I never intended it to take out the CoDeeN proxies.  Some would say that’s no great loss because they are, in fact, junk.  But I’ve grown somewhat fond of them, so they will be back, but not in the main list.

I have been using the SwitchProxy Tool for Firefox for quite some time.  It’s very handy for testing proxies, although it does some silly things now and then (for instance, when you select “None” it clears whatever settings you originally had in the browser), but one of its main features is it lets you use a text-based list of addresses and ports that it will cycle through either sequentially or randomly. 

This is not very useful for testing, but if you have a big list of known good proxies it works very well.  The problem is getting that big list in the first place.  The CoDeeN list works great for this since there are so many of them and they’re all – with some exceptions – “fast enough”.

So, I’m going to split off the CoDeeNs and make them available on the left side menu as a text link.  You can then add this link to  SwitchProxy and browse through multiple CoDeeN servers.

From the SwitchProxy toolbar, select Add->Anonymous->Next and you’ll see the interface.  Just plop in the link, decide how often you want to switch, and you’re ready to rock’n’roll.  I haven’t decided on a name for the link yet, but it will probably be:


Original, no?  Don’t get excited because it’s not there yet.  I have to resurrect them from the database first (since they got junked by the junk filter) and hack the code around.

Stay tuned.


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