Hard Times

Earlier this week, everything went dark.  Even the Japanese list I’ve been hitting since the beginning of this project back in March, which was good for at the very least a half dozen new proxies a day, was blank.  BLANK!  NOTHING!

And the Russians went on holiday.  At least they were kind enough to say as much on their blog (what would we do without Google Translate?).

Even the 4AM run, when I hit the listers I despise so much, was weak (weaker than usual, that is).  

But slowly everything came back to normal.  The Japs got their game on and the Rooskies came home tan and refreshed.  The proxies started coming back in, only a trickle at first but back to Full Tilt Boogie by Friday.

Work has been a bitch, so I’ve had to let the Proxy Business slide a little myself.  We are in the throes of a Web Migration.  After spending about a quarter million a year on Web Hosting for the past five years, the Boys in Mahogany Row decided it was time to cut their losses and bring the servers home.

This is turning into a huge fiasco, although the technical side has gone surprisingly well (so far).  It seems we spent all that money on a slew of Web sites that aren’t getting any traffic at all.  It is glaringly obvious that the Webbies have been lying about how well the sites were doing (as they must – it’s part of their “Performance Measures” to make certain traffic increases).  Rolling heads may be seen in the near future, but most of them have been re-orged into positions that will probably be eliminated in the near future anyway.

I get to monitor the IDS on these things, so I have a pretty good view of the traffic they pull.  From a security perspective, it’s a good thing no one uses our servers.  They’re just not worthwhile targets.  Nobody cares enough to hack them, although the way they’re configured they could be pwned at the drop of a hat.

Sometimes it keeps me awake at night.


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