CS-1 Back in Production

CS-1 rose from the dead on Wednesday.

I didn’t notice until just moments ago. For the past week I’ve been putting most of my efforts in refining the Google Hack using CoDeeN proxies.

Turns out, they’re wise to Google harvesting.

You can only get ~500-1000 search results from any one CoDeeN server. That was hardly enough for my traditional method, which basicly just searched for port numbers.

CoDeeN’s restrictions taught me to maximize my results by subtracting certain search terms, like “-guestbook” and “-mp3” and even “-SOCKS”. You can get completely different results with the same ports and different “minus” terms.

I don’t know why that never occured to me before, but it has been an excellent learning opportunity.

While I was learning all these wonderful things, Google lifted my ban, so I applied all this new found logic to the original hack.

The result? Thousands of new (DEAD) proxies and a smattering of active ones.

So the list goes on. I have backed off on the purge to keep the numbers up, but there is still a high percentage of good proxies in there.


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