As if things weren’t bad enough with all my big sources going dark, Google has finally got my number on the Google Hack.

For three months now I’ve been doing Google searches like…

:80 :8080 :3128

… getting a thousand pages, and hitting them all.

Three months!

Now, and I kid you not, boys and girls, I can’t even do a search on anything  without getting the “We’re Sorry” page.

Clear the cookies and… same thing.

They’ve definitely got my number!

And I’ve only had this IP address for less than a week (my old one, which I had for months, was knocked out by hurricane Ike last week).

I could change the IP any time, but it’s a hassle.  Lots of DNS changes have to be made every time the IP changes and I’m not a fast flux site by any means – I’m one of the GOOD GUYS!  So that’s out, but I still have sleeves, the requisite tricks, and 350+ CoDeeN proxies in the database.  Plus we all know Google is not the only search engine on the Internets.  Hear that Schmidt?

The Dink is down, but not out.


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