New Code On Deck

I spent all day hacking at the new page refresh code.

It’s going to be a winner.

I have one more page to make the old-fashined way and then I can switch over.

I did all my development on an old, reliable Ubuntu 6.06 LTS VM.  Since I usually develop on the AMD64x2, which uses special credentials on the production database, I had to make sure I didn’t screw it up.  I edited all the scripts to point to the VM’s copy of the database (it’s 10 days old) but just to be sure I didn’t miss anything I added some firewall rules to prevent the VM from talking to the production database.

And sure enough I didn’t get them all.  In fact what happened was I had a copy of everything in my /home folder, but I sudo’d into root without realizing I wasn’t in root’s folder.  I also neglected to give the VM a decent amount of memory and left the query limits at the level of the AMD64x2.

Double whammy.

I’ve never seen a session crash quite like that.  The OS killed all my processes including the root sessions when it maxed out.

I got the resource issue squared away and removed all the script copies in my /home folder and hammered it out.  There were a few hair-pulling bugs but by the third or fourth run of the page code it ran slicker’n shit.

The last old-fashined run just wrapped up.  The 4PM run will be on the new code.


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