Million Mark Hit!

We hit it, but the page doesn’t show it yet.

I did a very ugly thing to compensate for GeoCity Lite’s tendency to do nothing with an address it can’t find.  I ran an SQL statement on the entire database to fix the blank data.  These days it’s taking a long, long time.

It was a cheap hack, what can I say?  In the end it took less time to alter the GeoCity code.

So I rewrote the test-geo-city.c program that comes with the binary version of their database to spit out the values I want.  One more “clean” of the database and I can stop doing it.

Great, but right now it’s almost 4PM and the 2PM run hasn’t finished yet.

Also, I got a call from GoDaddy and they’re moving me to another server.  There may be some disruption in service.

The IS-1 suck is awesome.  A few bugs to work out but it’s running fine.  It appears they reset the file every now and then so I have to hack around that.

I plan to rewite the main page on the Web site to reflect the fact that most of the data no longer comes from proxy lists.  The majority of all proxies in the database came from the Google Hack and the “Interesting Sites” found using it. 

I am convinced now more than ever that all online proxy lists, with the exception of the Dinkster’s, are PURE CRAP.  They have nothing on me.  I am the Proxy King.


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