890,000+ Proxies and Going Strong

While I was playing catch-up with IS-1 (Interesting Site #1), they sent another update.  I’m cranking on it right now.  The One Million Mark is in sight and approaching faster than I thought.

This project is, in fact, turning into IS-1’s proxy list.  That is, if they had a proxy list (they seem to be in the SPAM business).  I’m not really keeping track, but at least two thirds of the database came from that site.

Thanks guys, whoever you are.  I don’t agree with what you do but your data is primo!

In other news, I got my first Uknownian site.  Turns out it’s in Argentina in a /15 CIDR block.

The system is now stable.  No surprises in the morning, no sudden lockups.  Life is good.

I have been playing around with a new version of nmap that is very slick.  You can read about it here if you are so inclined.  You’ll have to compile it yourself if you want to check it out, but it’s worth the effort (you’ll need <subversion).


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