IS-1 At It Again

I woke up this morning and decided to check up on Interesting Site I (IS-1).  Sure enough, there was a new file, dated today!

I downloaded it and let the AMD64x2 have at it. 

It’s still running.

So far it’s added ~50,000 proxies to the database (with ~200 good ones so far).  Even proxies with “weird” ports are turning out to be OK, so I may revisit my decision not to add the other 400,000 proxies in the other files from IS-1.  Plus there is a lot of port 1080 systems in there, so that could be more grist for the SOCKS mill.

If I decide to do it, we should hit the million mark by the weekend or early next week.

Yesterday I was hacking away like a madman on the code all morning.  I was on a serious roll, boys and girls.  Then, just about  1PM, the power went out (yes, I do this all from the comfort of my own home) and stayed out until 5PM.

Extremely  aggravating.

And to top it off the lease expired on the IP address I’ve had since… well… since the last power outage, whenever that was (I have my gateway box on a UPS, but it’s only good for about 90 minutes).  So I lost half a day and then another hour and a half getting everything on the new IP address.

The good news is the 1G of RAM I took out seems to have stabilized the box running the system’s VM.  If it lasts through the weekend I’ll probably put the 80G drive back in.


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