Quick Fixes

A couple of my proxy judges fell off the face of the planet so I took them off the list and ran the resurrection code against the database.

Since I moved to VMware Server, the time has been all screwed up.  I just noticed this today.  I forgot to run the VMware tools and sync the guest with the host.

Why was this never a problem with VMware Player?

I have had a longstanding problem with IPs that are not in the GeoLite City database.  For some reason, long ago, I put the latitude & longitude of the IP addresses in the database.  Well, if GeoLite City doesn’t have the IP it returns NULL values for latitude & longitude and the SQL errors out (yes, I neglected to specify a default value).  That’s fixed now but I suspect some RFC 1918 addresses may find their way into the database (10.x.x.x and 192.168.x.x are hammered by the scripts but the 172.16-32.x.x addresses aren’t in there yet).  Also, some IANA reserved and unallocated IPv4 addresses may have the same issue.

These will never make it to the Web page, but I don’t like them in the database.

This hardware is still driving me nuts.  Still hanging.  Today I ripped out the two odd 512M sticks and took the box down to 2G of RAM (from 3G).  If it hangs again, the add-in USB 2.0 card goes (the mobo only supports USB 1.1).  If it hangs after that, the video card gets replaced.

I suspect the video card (ATI Radeon X1300 re-branded) because even if I shut down the box normally, when it reboots the event log says it rebooted after a bugcheck (STOP 0x0000007f).

Every single time.  Epic FAIL/

Whenever I’ve seen a STOP 0x0000007f it’s always been video related.  Very rarely is it anything else.  MS really fucked things up after they moved the GDI out of kernel space and into user space starting with NT4 (to get it ready for “DirectX”).  This shit never happened in NT 3.51.  Oh, BSODs happened now and then in the  3.51 days but never  with the frequency they did on NT4 (or beyond).  In fact, NT4 was a great shock and a tremendous disappointment to customers who had learned to love the stability of NT 3.51.  It wasn’t until SP3 that NT4 ran worth a diddly damn.

Yes, I go back that far.  Mr. HinkyDink has been around the farm once or twice.  How time flies, boys and girls!

ATI isn’t helping with their Driver of the Fucking Month either.  Forty five fucking minutes of downtime whenever they put out a new driver.  Ugh.

Regardless of the host system’s problems, the stability of the VM and MySQL still amazes me (knock on wood).  It’s been mistreated, barfed on, run on a disk with bad sectors, and it still keeps kickin’.   But there’s no way in Hell I’m stopping the backups!


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