Curious Site

Notice I didn’t say “interesting”?

The other day, a run to Interesting Site II (IS-2) barfed while I wasn’t looking. It was not a disaster and there was no great loss of data. In fact I wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t looked at the log for that event.

I send all the cron job email to my Yahoo account so I can look at it from anywhere and on this particular run, between hundreds of MySQL errors, was a URL. This in itself is curious, since anything from that site should have been chewed down to only IP:port strings.

Intrigued, I pasted it into a browser and was greeted with a few thousand proxies arranged end-to-end in a continous string. I ran a one time pass at the site and got a handful of new proxies.

I went back to the browser and refreshed the page.

It changed.

There was new data on the page. I refreshed it again and there was more. New data was coming in every few seconds to this site.

Of course, I immediately put it into the rotation and dubbed the place “Curious Site I” (CS-1).

Upon investigation, it turned out to be a type of subscription-only proxy list. There is no login, your account is in the URL. The account had to be that of the operator of IS-2.

Whether CS-1 is the sole source of proxies for IS-2 remains to be seen, but now I’m not so sure that IS-2 is as “evil” as I assumed to be in the beginning. Watching this play out should be educational.

IS-1, the original Interesting Site, had fresh data yesterday. A list with 115,000+ proxies in it. I’ve been processing it since yesterday and there is some good stuff in there.

This project is becoming less and less about the Other Lists. As a source of new data, they dried up weeks ago. With this new data from IS-1 we should hit the half million mark in the database before noon today.


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