SOCKS Results

I collected all 18,901 port 1080 proxies out of the database and let the sockcheck program have at it.  Then I took a nap.  The results:

  • 45 anonymous SOCKS v4 proxies
  • 55 SOCKS v4 “DENY” results
  • 30 SOCKS v5 proxies returning “not allowed”
  • 4 SOCKS v5 “general failure” results
  • 120 ISA SOCKS servers returning 12202
  • 69 replied with an unknown SOCKS version
  • 179 responses that made no sense (“JUNK”)
  • 15092 timeouts
  • 1579 “no route to host”
  • 1587 “connection refused”
  • 116 resets (after successful SOCKS v4 connect)

These are virtually the same results that I got last year, only more of them.  The ISA servers still intrigue me.

I’ve been using a SOCKS v4 server in Beijing for the last hour or so on the Ubuntu VM.  Surprisingly fast.  In my experience APAC (Asia/Pacific) servers have been historically dog shit slow.

If you’re interested, the original “lost code” from September 2007 is here.  It is ugly as fuck and I make no apologies for it.  I’m putting it there as a backup before I hack it to bits for the project.  It is GPL’d so do with it what you will but leave the copyright notice intact.


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