Preliminary SOCKS Results

After firing up an old VM and putting Anjuta and the salvaged SOCKS code on it, I pulled ~19,000 probable SOCKS proxies out of the database and made a few preliminary random runs.

I tried three SOCKS v4 proxies. Two worked fine (in a browser) and one did nothing. Nothing except the SOCKS v4 handshake, that is.

Every SOCKS v5 server the code identified returned a “connection not allowed by ruleset” result.

Every ISA SOCKS server returned a 12202 error (“The ISA Server denied the specified Uniform Resource Locator”), which is typical for an http request. Often they’ll let you do anything but http.

The ISA servers looked familiar. They will tell your their (NetBIOS) name when they send a deny and I swear I’ve seen a lot of those names before. A large percentage of these boxes have port 3389 (Terminal Services) open to the world.

The vast majority either timed out or showed up as closed. A smattering here and there refused a connection.

There was also junk – no known SOCKS responses but the port is open and something is listening on it. Most of the “SOCKS proxies” on port 7212 will do this.

Anyway, the code is way too verbose as it stands now. I’m going to poke around with it and meditate on what needs to be done.


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