That was difficult

All I had to do was change a “0” to a “1” and the rechecker morphs into the purge.

Well, not that simple really.  It was a “>0”, not a “1”.

It ran like a greased gopher on the AMD64x2 and hit all 1100+ proxies in less than five minutes.  When the smoke cleared we dropped to around 770 proxies, which is still 500 more than we had before Ressurection Day.

Since it’s that fast on the AMD, it should probably take no more than a half hour on the VM, so I’m going to move it over and run it once a day instead of M-F.

BTW, there is an ungodly number of CoDeeN servers that came back from the dead, but zero Bahrainian proxies.

I have inspected and re-compiled the SOCKS code and it’s definitely going to need a re-write to fit into what the project has become since it was originally written.  But it does discern between SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 (no intermediate versions, however) and can identify Windows ISA SOCKS servers.  I also need to work on my SOCKS judge strategy, since it’s not all about HTTP with SOCKS proxies (and with ISA >=2004 Servers you can’t do HTTP over SOCKS if the Web Proxy service is enabled – which has sucked since Day 1 with those damned things).

BTW I have been using the Anjuta IDE for developing the code.  I blogged about my search for an acceptable IDE last year when I did my original work with the lost SOCKS code.  Anjuta is nice but Debian is way behind on support for the 2.x version.  Debian and its bastard children (Ubuntu) only offer version 1.7 dot something.  A lot of that has to do with the version of GNOME that comes with the stable Debian releases.  If you want the latest, greatest, cutting edge version of almost anything, you have to run an unstable release, which should/could/might have the correct GNOME version.  And you probably won’t know that until you install it.

Which is why we have VMs.  I may check into that this weekend.  I’ve been waiting over a year for them to fix VNC4.  Maybe this time things will be different.

But I’m not getting my hopes up.

IS-2 has been providing the greatest number of new proxies but it looks like it decided to go down for the weekend just before 11AM today.  Since it did the same thing last weekend we can only hope that it’s simply a reflection of its modus operandi.  Only time will tell but I expect The List will be relatively quiet this weekend.


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