SOCKS Code Salvaged

I took a break from the action to do a little hardware hacking and as a result managed to pull my old SOCKS code off a dead hard drive that crashed last year.

I tried to salvage that thing a half a dozen times since it died and I am amazed that I finally pulled it off.  Several of the partitions were unreadable but /home was sitting pretty and in pristine condition.

I think the trick was in using a downlevel IDE controller.  I had a 9 year old “HighPoint” dual IDE PCI ATA133 adapter in my computer junk box that I had a hard time getting Windows drivers for, so it collected dust for years.  In a Linux box, it just works.  I’m not sure how to describe it, but it just seemed to treat the drive “gentler” than the other EIDE controllers I had tried on it.  Whatever the reason, it worked.

NEVER throw out a “crashed” hard drive… you may eventually get your stuff back.

Now I have to figure out where I left off and get moving with the SOCKS proxies, since that was the reason for all this in the first place.  SOCKS proxies are rare and wonderful things and if my previous experience is valid there may by two  hundred or so hiding in the database.

With all that happening I did not get around to rewriting the purge.  There are now over 1100 proxies in The List and if I put it off any longer it might make maintenance difficult.  But that’s a quick hack and I have to think over my SOCKS strategy so it will probablly get done first.


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