Check and Recheck

Today I implemented the proxy re-check code.  There are over 11,000 proxies in the “gold” table that used to be alive but didn’t respond during the daily purge.

No response can be due to a number of things, including the proxy judge system being down.

A lot of proxies are actually coming back to life.  These are very, very encouraging results.  The first results will show up in this evening’s 8PM run, which will probably run late since the code will re-re-check all the resurrected proxies.

I will be interested to see if the Bahrainian proxies have resurfaced.

Earlier today, I “snuck in” to a very active Members Only proxy forum, using a password from www.bugment.com (highly recommended) and snatched a few thousand or so proxies from various recent postings.  The vast majority were already in my database.  Nothing new there.

While I was there I did some reading on proxy judges and it turns out this is a something of a cottage industry.  I had to laugh because I’ve been using free, absolutely unknown proxy judges for months now.  MONTHS!  Amazing.  These people are clueless.

True, they do disappear, but not as frequently as proxies, and when I throw the re-check into the schedule, that problem will take care of itself.


In typical Hinky Dink fashion I screwed up the speed ratings again.

So, to get things back to normal (-ish) I am running tomorrow’s purge early while I go back over the code.  By 8PM the first page should have the correct speed ratings.  It should finish running by 10PM.

Upside:  I added over 300 proxies with the re-checker.  Slightly over half the dead ones were checked, so there should be another 300 in there somewhere.

Downside: a lot of CoDeeN proxies have resurfaced.


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