Eating My Own Dog Food

 Up until a couple of days ago I was using a proxy in France somewhere for FF (allow me to be cryptic for now, but FF is listed on the main page and elsewhere).   It started to get slow so I picked another from The List.  It was a fast German proxy in Frankfurt and it worked great… for a couple of days.

I checked into it and it seems to be an “everything” server (DNS/SMTP/HTTP/POP/the works), like some newb webmaster decided to see how much crap he could pile on one box.  And it wasn’t some joker at his home playing around.  It was located at a legitimate hosting provider.

So I pulled another one from The List, a “2 second” server in Romania, and it worked right off the bat!

Too easy!  I run a damned good proxy list, if I do say so myself!

It brought back memories of the Good Old Days, back when almost every proxy at www.proxy4free.com actually worked.  Don’t bother going there, all they have is junk now, but back in the day they were the best.  Nowadays they’re just shilling for CGI and PHP proxies and hoping to pick up some click money in the process.

The speed issue is still eluding me.  I thought maybe it was a DNS delay with the proxy judges, but those are picked at random so a cached DNS entry on the next check-and-purge doesn’t make any sense.  The calculations are all good, same as they were when the timeout was 30 seconds.

Anyway, if you start on Page 2, you have will better luck.  Those proxies have already been double-checked and the speed should be correct.  They are survivors – a lot of the Page 1 proxies don’t last more than 24 hours – so they are more likely to be up and running.


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