Old Business

After all the fun with Interesting Site II, I went back to Interesting Site I to see if anything new (and/or “interesting”) had happened.

There was one new file, dated yesterday, with 70,000+ IP:port combinations in it.

Like the files before it, it had a lot of suspect ports, so I trimmed it down to the “usual” proxy and SOCKS ports (a little over a fifth – 16,000+ lines – of the file) and threw it at the database.

One hit.

One that I know of for sure. I got tired and went to bed.

The rest were mostly new entries, never before seen by the database.

IS-1 (Interesting Site I ), you may recall, had over 460K total “proxies” in various text files, and over 14 million email addresses tucked away in two RAR archives.

Comparing IS-1 and IS-2, we can say they have at least one thing in common, besides stockpiling proxies:

They’re both up to No Good.

Considering the sheer volume of data both sites have contributed to this project, we can safely say that the people who run Proxy Lists in general are amateurs.


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