Google GOLD

All week I’ve been running the Google Hack.

There are only so many ways you can search for proxies. I settled on a simple search early on. I just search for the most common ports:

:80 :8080 :1080 :3128

This gets a lot of results. The downside is, it gets the same results over and over and over, with minor variations depending on which Google site you pick (actually there is no “picking” since the entire hack is randomized to fly under the Google Anti-Bot radar). It takes 20-30 minutes to run. The results fly by on the AMD64x2 box. I had to add a beep to the script to indicate there was a hit, since mostly everything came up as “already in database”.

I started doing back to back runs. I started hearing a lot of beeps. Each time I’d get 7-15 new, active proxies.

Each time, same search.

I knew I had struck a vein, but since I randomized each page of Google results I had no clue where they came from.

Until moments ago.

Once again we have what you would call an “interesting” site.


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