It must be Monday


Because the purge ran and one third of the proxies are gone.

Also, this is the first run with the fixed speed calculations.  Those are finally back to normal.  You may recall I upped the TIMEOUT to 45 seconds (from 30) last week.  Besides screwing up all the speed values it helped to add to the total proxy count.  There are a few agonizingly slow proxies listed in there but they’re not the majority and they might be of use to somebody, somewhere.

I have been using the DualCore AMD64 (my Mythbuntu system) all weekend for the Google Runs because it’s just so darned fast.  I can run about 70 database checks per second on it, even with the database on the other end of the network and on a VM.  I may in fact turn the TIMEOUT up to 60 seconds and start retesting some old data. 

You may well ask “How does slowing down a fast machine  get more work done?” 

It’s all in the forks, boys and girls.  The system can fork more processes even though they’re only waiting for a TIMEOUT.  The AMD64x2 has more RAM and more cycles to dedicate to that.  The VM can’t touch it in that regard. 

In fact, I’m just about Googled out.  With the faster machine doing all the Google Hacking I’m getting more and more dry runs.  Of course, this whole business is cyclical (look at Bahrain for instance), so just taking a break for a day or two is probably a good thing.

At least one of my “Proxy Judge” sites decided it was a REAL proxy judge after all and changed its format to be helpful.  In so doing it turned itself into a wothless proxy judge, at least as far as I’m concerned.  As a result, there are more “Undefined” servers than is usual.  That site is going out of the proxy judge rotation permanently.

This week I will be taking a closer look at the “Undefined” sites to see if I can get rid of them once and for all.


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