The 460K Random Run

I ran across this unsort utility earlier in the week and it was perfect for the 460K Run (the proxy list from the “Interesting Site”).

Perfect because there were thousands of dupes and in order to get rid of them the file had to be sorted for unique entries.  After it was sorted it was, well… sorted.  Testing all those ports sequentially is simply bad form.  It sends warning signs to both my ISP and the remote ISP that Something’s Up.  Randomized, it’s just so much background noise to the remote ISP.

Locally it doesn’t really help with my ISP, but I’ve been doing this for three months and they don’t seem to care, although it is an exponential increase in activity.

I figure this should take about 5000-7500 seconds running on the DualCore AMD64 box.  It’s been running for about ten minutes and the vast majority of the ports are closed.  The ones that are “open|filtered” (per nmap) are already in the database (whether they’re active or not, regardless of how they’re listed in the database, will be determined in a future run).  So far there are no open ports I don’t already have, but this is just the beginning.

I have a feeling this is a meaningless exercise in futility, but I have to get this list behind me.

It’s an obsession.

Speaking of which I have recently registered the domain names proxyobsession.com and proxyobsession.net.  If you go to either one you will end up at The List for now.

***UPDATE 10:40AM***

The 460K Random Run has been running smoothly for three hours and I’m getting approximately 3-4 new live, open proxies per hour.  That may not seem like a lot (and it isn’t) but it’s about what I expected.


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