Easy come, easy go.

After this morning’s purge there wasn’t a single Bahrainian flag left in The List.  Not one.  

There was a bit of a bug in the page code and a lot of proxies added since last night showed up with a negative speed.  I upped the timeout by 50%, from 30 seconds to 45 maximum, but missed one calculation.  Every run after 10AM today is correct.

Why increase the timeout in the first place?  Because it’s an international list.  It may take the system here in the USA 38 seconds to get a page from a proxy in Zimbabwe, but a user in Kenya may get it in 5.  You never know.  Plus, it boosts the proxy count and since the daily purge is so damned effective these days I need all the data I can get, even though I’m getting a lot of data.

I have enlisted my Mythbuntu system for some grunt work.  AMD64 DualCore, 2G of RAM, and lots of cycles to spare when I’m not watching TV (plus, after I upgraded to Ubuntu v8.04 MythTV is broken anyway… I need to work on that).  It is a lot more capable than the VM that has been running the show and I can get a lot more done.


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