I never cared for that word.  You heard it a lot in the “Team OS/2” days.  I never could stand those people.  Now it’s another word for “meth head”.  Fitting.

But “Performance Enhancements” was too long for a header, so WTF?

Today I did two things I should have done long ago.

  • I came up with a backup strategy
  • I indexed the database

I should have indexed the database 160,000 proxies ago.  After we hit the Quarter Mill mark, checking the database for an existing IP:port slowed things down significantly, especially during those hard core Google Hack runs.

So I resurrected an old Ubuntu 6.10 VM, stretched its disk out about 10 extra gigs, and dumped a copy of the database into it.  Then I indexed the copy to see how long it would take.  I didn’t really know what to expect but the index only took a minute at most and everything worked fine.  Satisified that I wouldn’t trash the database (and if I did I had a solid copy), I indexed the production database and fired off another Google Hack.

The speed difference isn’t earth-shattering, but it has made a big improvement.  I’d say it’s 4 or 5 times faster than before.  Fast enough to run multiple concurrent Google Hacks. 



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