Interesting Site

Once upon a time, when I was doing manual, ad hoc Google grazing, I ran across a list – actually a single text file – with over 70,000 proxies in it. Well, those went into the database long ago but today’s Google Hack hit it again, so I had to kill the run and twiddle the hack so that it will ignore the site from now on.

70,000 proxies, at this point, is over a quarter of the total database and to process them would just be so much wheel-spinning, even with the recent performance enhancements (I didn’t say… ugh… tweaks).

But this time I took a closer look at the site. I can only say it’s… very, very interesting.

It looks like an abandoned Web site, but there are relatively fresh files just sitting there and most of them are text files full of proxies.

I think I will pull down the entire site and put the other VM to work on them to see what happens.

BTW, the Google Hack snarfed down about 120 Bahrainian proxies before I killed it.


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