Google Tapped Out?

The Quarter Mill mark was hit sometime in the early hours of the 17th.  Since then the Google Hack, as promising as it was in the beginning, virtually dried up and most new data is once again coming from the list raids.

I knew it was getting bad when it started hitting my own list and sites like Proxy Cemetary (why that guy bothers is beyond me but he does get a lot of Google hits).

On top of that, China seems to have dried up.  The first Google Hack test runs ran against the .cn TLD with astounding results.  Now any Google query against .cn returns only government sites.  Crackdown perhaps?  Maybe they’ll ease up for the Olympics. 

This week I also started running the dead proxy purge Monday through Friday instead of just Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The result: there are usually less than 200 proxies total in the list.  Proxies come and go but mostly they go… fast.  I can see why the Other Guys pad their lists with junk.

[ NOTE: 11AM and an unproductive Google Hack run that’s been going for four hours just started getting results… Maybe it’s not dead quite yet…  1PM – the Google Hack added about 50 proxies total and it’s still running… 2PM – make that 80!]

So to keep this puppy fresh I’ve got to come up with some new ideas.  The most obvious would be the SOCKS project.  There are thousands of port 1080 (the “traditional” SOCKS4 port) proxies in the database that have never been tested.

It also occurs to me there may be bouncing proxies in the wild, here today, gone tomorrow, back the next day.  Testing that theory would be simple with the data already in the database.

Stay tuned.


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