Google Global

As part of my plan to bypass the Google Anti-Bot by going global, I have published the Definitive List of Global Googles for your education here.

I hacked together a little script to add all the two-charcacter country TLDs (top level domains) to google.xx and http://www.google.com.xx and did nslookups on all of them to see if they were live.  The result was 179 domains, most of which resolve to (or are canonical for) “www.l.google.com”.

Hmmm… except for the .cz (Czechoslavakia) domain… I ‘ll fix that.

And the .cn (China) domain, which is of course “special” because China hates our freedumbs as much as Google does, which is why they track your every move in the first place.

They all resolve to the same three IP addresses but the Anti-Bot doesn’t (at this time) respond with the “We’re Sorry” page when you switch domain names.  The search results aren’t quite the same but for my purposes it doesn’t matter that much.

It may not make any difference in the end because the anti-Anti-Bot (let’s call it the AAB from now on), as it’s coded now, doesn’t hammer Google to get links and takes a page at a time to do its job.  

We’ll see how this plays out.


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