Black Friday

The purge for today just finished moments ago and although The List won’t be updated for about an hour (we harvest on the odd hours and publish on the even hours), it looks like a bloodbath.

When it started there were 427 proxies, but when it finished there were only 185 verified “live” proxies left – the lowest number yet.

Oh, well… I only claim to have the highest percentage of active proxies… not the highest number.  But, when you think about it, I probably do have the highest number of active proxies compared to any other list, considering they only have junk anyway.

There may also be a higher percentage of “Undefined” proxies this time around because one of my proxy judge sites got their domain parked, skewing the results.

I have a few links I’m planning for the sidebar over there on the left, such as an OP/ED piece on bash, a concise description of the harvesting process, and  documentation on the system itself, for all you geeks and propeller heads out there.


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