Goes DOWN…

Left home at about 7:40 this morning and by the time I got to work the system was down, so there are not going to be any updates today until around 6PM.

Sort of scratching my head here wondering what the problem could be, but it just so happens today is the dreaded The Day After Patch Tuesday.

I’ve been hammered numerous times on Post Patch Wednesday, so I have shut down automatic updates on every WIndows machine I run.  Or so I believe.  The Linux machine that does all the updates to The List is an Xubuntu 6.10  VM on a Windows XP host system… I know, serious problem there, weakest link, all that… I may never learn.   At the moment the host system has fallen off the network, probably with a “Reboot Now?” dialog box ready to be clicked.

Anyway… that’s what I’m hoping has happened.  That’s the optimistic outlook.  I’ve already had more hardware failures than I care to admit in the last year.  Don’t ask about backups.

Stay tuned.


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