Google Anti-Bot PWN3D

It didn’t take long for my Clever Plan to get axed by Google.

And, as usual, it was working sooooooooo well up until the point I got the sorry.google.com page.

All I could do was stare at the screen and pout.

I’m very good at that.

But suddenly… it came to me! The perfect solution!

No, no proxies involved… that would be too easy. Plus it might send up a Big Red Flag at the site the proxy’s running on. Not a good outcome.

The solution is to be patient and go global.

It doesn’t matter where the pages come from. As soon as one search goes “sorry” on you, which is easy enough to monitor, you simply continue by switching the country through which you hit Google. Just wait a few moments, change the Google URL, and carry on.

What’s the URL? That’s the next trick.


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