Bahrain Bounces Back

Today will mark the 3rd invocation of the ADPE (Automatic Dead Proxy Eliminator). As you recall it runs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday.

On Wednesday’s run the list was chopped in half, down to ~320 proxies. This morning it’s at 512, with a number of new Bahrainian proxies, although not showing as strongly as they were last week.

The proxy lists I harvest have been slacking. In the past two days I have been doing ad hoc searches through the Google referrer hits (they’re still pretty stupid queries) and my own searches.

I have found one very active forum that requires a login and although BugMeNot has accounts for it they’re kind of useless. Interestingly enough, if you get a Google hit the cached page is there for a quick cut & paste. Does the GoogleBot have an account there?

Anyway, you want proxies? Do a Google search on 80 8080 3128. You will get proxies. A lot of it is old crap but it still goes into the database so that they don’t get scanned again. That has the side effect of making the database (now with 215,000+ entries) harder to search, so I am considering ways around it, including splitting the database into hi/low address ranges or running a “diff” between the harvester’s daily runs (it’s the same data every day, with the newest proxies usually buried pretty deep). Organizing that is a bit of a problem.

Im also considering keeping statistics. There are definitely some data mining opportunities in this mess, but unfortunately I never started out with that in mind.


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