***UPDATE: This problem has been fixed.***

I ran across this on Digg.com today:

Try http://www.proxys.com.ar/eng/ have a lot of free proxy list (transparent, anonymous and high anonymous), all Working!!!!!!!!!!

So I figure what the hell, give it a shot.  And this is what you get:

The encoded file
/home/obteneri/public_html/proxylist/eng/index.php was created with an unauthorised copy of the ionCube PHP Encoder. Please contact legal@ioncube.com with details of the provider of this PHP script.

Oh for crying out fuck.  Why do programmers do this shit?

Back in the day (1994, I think it was) I applied for a job at a CD mail order company (remember those?  Back in the days before the Internet?).  The dipshit owner/programmer had based their production distribution CD on an demo copy of Visual BASIC.  What a dickhead.  In six months all his (shipped!) products DIED.


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