I moved… again

I moved all this content to proxyobsession.net

This will be a three month experiment.


order by rand()

Duh.  Who knew? 

I never claimed to be a MySQL expert.  

In fact I stumbled across “order by rand()” completely by accident while doing research on Postgres.  I had no clue similar functionality was available in MySQL.  This changes – and simplifies – a lot of code.

And speaking of stumbling upon things, I did finally find the kitchen sink.


Google is always listening

Now this is funny.  Like most narcissistic bloggers, I have a Google Alert for my own name (everybody does that, right???).  I haven’t been able to get a hit from my BlogSpot blog for months.  But I move my old Google Pages crap here and look what happens…


I think I’ll pass on that Google Site.


Settled In

And here we are.  What an incredible pain it was moving all those pages here.  It took well over three hours to cut, paste, and re-date all that old crap.

But the result was worthwhile.  Unfortunately, this place has just as many infuriating idiosyncracies as BlogSpot and Google Pages.

One thing I noticed straight off was the lack of colors.   If you want to go changing font colors willy nilly you have to work at it.  It’s a good thing, though.  People get carried away and make their sites look like crap.  I suppose I can live with that.

I am slightly wanked that I can’t capitalize the titles the way I want.  This e.e. cumstains crap is for the birds.  If I want to shout, I’ll SHOUT.

And linebreaks!  How the Hell can I get a double linebreak around here?  That was bad enough on BlogSpot but I eventually got around it with a few well-placed <br>’s – which would always disappear if you toggled between html and WYSISWG mode.  The trick was not toggling.  No such trick here.  The editor throws your <br>’s in the bit bucket.

And if you have Internet Explorer 8, get out of town.  The editor jumps all over Hell.  Chrome seems to be the only way to fly.

Now I have the task of going back over everything and adding tags.  Not sure if I want to tackle that one quite yet.  

Anyway, we’re here.


moving day

I’m transferring all the crap from Google Pages today.

I’m halfway there. Please excuse the mess.

The original Google Pages site is archived here.


Pushing 1.8M

Since I started tracking URLs, the Google Hack has been much more productive, mostly because it’s faster now.

In all I have collected over 5,000 URLs since I started.  Of these, about 200 are top-level links.  I have just begun to pull these out at regular intervals to re-scan.  So far that has been very productive.

You may or may not have noticed Google Page Creator (this site) is going down soon.  Google has graciously decided to force me into a Google Sites redirect.  Hopefully Google will notice I already have a Google Site (http://www.mrhinkydink.net) and they will put it all there.  Are you listening, Google?

However I have found over the years that when you expect someone to do the “smart thing” you are always sadly disappointed.  With that in mind, I’m keeping a backup.  But without the WYSIWYG editor it’s doubtfull I’ll be able to keep the project journal updated.

I’m keeping my options open.  I’m not entirely impressed with Google Sites.  In fact, it sucks.  As an option I have reserved a spot at WordPress but I’ve done nothing with it so far.

But be advised the next time you come here it may be someplace else.


SOCKS Revisited

I have been threatening for months to resurrect the SOCKS code and I finally did it today.

I had to find it first.  The last time I was hacking around with it, I was doing all the coding on an old Ubuntu 6.06 VM, which apparently I lost track of.

I finally found it, moved the code over to the new Xubu 9.04 VM, installedAnjuta, and recompiled it.  It still works.  And it’s still ugly.

Right know it’s looking at all the port 1080 proxies gathered in the past two weeks, just over 4,000 addresses.  And, as usual, I’m getting about a 0.001% success rate.

None of them are very usable.  In fact, the second one I tested gave me an X-Forwarded-For: header.

WTF?  SOCKS proxies shouldn’t do that.  Period.  Is this some new trick?  That sucks.

The others have just been slow as fuck.

Anyway, I’m looking into it again.